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Christmas Youth Chorus

Christmas Youth Chorus (1).png

November 19, 6-7 pm (Rehearsal) 

December 3, 6-7 pm (Rehearsal) 

December 10, 6-7 pm (Rehearsal) 

December 11, 10 am (Recording) 

December 17, 6-7 pm (Rehearsal) 

December 19, 5 pm (Performance)


Practice Center

Click here to listen to

a full recording

Click here to view PDF of sheet music

iJingle Jingle 

arr. Steve Kupferschmid

A Joyous Carol of the Bells 

arr. Vicki Tucker Courtney


arr. Andy Beck

A Holiday Sing-Along

arr. Audrey Snyder & John Moss 

Peaceful, Silent Night

arr. Ruth Elaine Schram

Part 1 

Ruby M.

Layla W.

Lexi K.

Riley O.

Olivia C.

Skylynne D. 

Part 2

Camille K.

Amanda M.

Nora M.

Brooke V.

Izzy F.

Mari S.

Christmas Youth Chorus (2).png
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